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Telegram Tagar:BULKBSC CommunitySaturday, May 15, 2021 5:38 PM

    🚀 Airdrop: BulkBSC💰 Value: $ 25
    👥 Referral: $ 1.25
    💸 Tokens: 10 + 0.5 BBSC
    📅 Airdrop end date: 25/05/2021
    🏦 Distribution date: 30/05/2021📖 Step-by-step guide:🔹️ Join our telegram chat
    and BAFI telegram group
    🔹️ Follow our Twitter page and follow BAFI Twitter page
    🔹️ Retweet pinned post with hash tags#BULKBSC#BAFIPAD#BAFIand tag 5 people
    📃 Information
    BulkBsc will harmonize every aspect of cryptocurrency into one place as the industry keeps evolving.
    BulkBSC is also focused 100% on rewarding it users at intervals and providing the most user-friendly cryptocurrency interaction space.
    BulkBSC would kick off its insurance policy that will safeguard holders of BULKBSC against rug-pulls of projects that launch on the BULKBSC launchpad.


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